Runway Grooving

The purpose of runway grooving is to increase resistance and rreduce hydroplaning on wet runways, resulting in a shorter braking distance for aircraft on wet pavement. The FAA has observed that transverse-grooved surfaces drastically reduce all types of skids on wet or flooded runways and provide positive nose-wheel steering during landing roll-out. Grooved surfaces also help reduce the onset of drift and weathervaning. Pilots find overall ground handling and stopping characteristics on grooved surfaces a dramatic improvement over un-grooved surfaces. Grooved surfaces also reduce the onset of drift at touchdown in flooded areas due to high cornering forces. From the pilot's point of view, the overall airplane ground handling and stopping characteristics on grooved surfaces show remarkable improvement over other surfaces.

Runway Re-Grooving

Restore runway friction with runway re-grooving. Diamond Grinding & Grooving offers airports with grooved, rigid, and flexible pavements an innovative technique to extend the longevity, performance, and functionality of those pavements.

Re-grooving is an alternative for runways with groove deterioration. Types of groove distress include normal wear, groove closure, rubber deposits, rounding, and erosion. Groove collapse commonly occurs in wheel line rutting areas. This innovative technique consists of re-grooving the existing groove profile in bituminous HMA or concrete runway surface by using existing grooves and alignment.

Structural maintenance of the macro texture is essential for proper drainage and skid resistance:

"3-5. GROOVE DETERIORATION. Periodically, the airport operator should measure the depth and width of a runway's grooves to check for wear and damage. When 40 percent of the grooves in the runway are equal to or less than 1/8 inch (3 mm) in-depth and/or width for a distance of 1,500 feet (457 m), the grooves' effectiveness for preventing hydroplaning has been considerably reduced. The airport operator should take immediate corrective action to reinstate the 1/4 inch (6 mm) groove depth and/or width."

Diamond Grinding & Grooving can evaluate your runway macro texture condition and provide you with a survey necessary to improve critical groove failure areas. We have the equipment, knowledge, and experienced personnel which ensures our clients maintain the acceptable friction value mandated by the FAA for runways and high-speed turn-offs.