Company Profile

It's one thing to promise.  It's another to deliver.

Diamond Grinding & Grooving is the best solution for transportation safety and service.

Respect is the key to running a successful business.  Showing respect to customers and to each other, the Diamond Grinding and Grooving team provides a friendly, service-oriented atmosphere.

Only you know and appreciate the effort involved in establishing and operating a job on a daily basis.  A piece of you goes into every decision and choice you make. 

At Diamond Grinding & Grooving, we understand that choosing a grinding and grooving company has serious implications.  As one of your most important decisions, it requires careful considerations and detailed evaluation of price, delivery, payment terms, and image, all of which affect the growth and success of the business.

When you choose Diamond Grinding & Grooving, we make that commitment together. The result is a personal relationship that outlasts the initial negotiations and contract signing.   You won’t be left to face a big communication gap.  No corporate shuffle.  No red tape.   It’s the way a relationship with your subcontractor should be.  Personal service while dedicated to your success!

We are committed to serving the owners, engineers, contractors, and particularly the traveling public.

The work history of Diamond Grinding & Grooving has brought us many high-profile jobs across the USA.

We specialize in grooving, diamond  grinding, and corrective bump grinding.  

The experience of our equipment operators and field supervisor gives us a great lead over other companies in this field.  Diamond Grinding & Grooving has equipment operators that have a combined 50+ years of experience in this area.  In addition, the operating manager of Diamond Grinding & Grooving has “hands-on” leadership as shown by being a registered civil engineer.

Diamond Grinding & Grooving uses “state of the art” equipment designed and engineered from a contractor’s point of view for high production and quality of work.

Our experience in grooving, concrete profile grinding, and corrective bump grinding has Diamond Grinding & Grooving being a leader in our industry.  We are respected as one of the industry pioneers and have been in existence for 30+ years.

At Diamond Grinding & Grooving, we welcome the opportunity to bid and work on your projects. Our experienced staff looks forward to working with you soon.