Grinding Services

Pavement Profile Grinding Services

Diamond Grinding provides a smooth riding surface that is often as good as or better than new pavement. Diamond Grinding & Grooving's grinding equipment is capable of corrective (bump) grinding or continuous grinding depending on the job requirements.

Utilizing diamond grinding, a concrete pavement restoration (CPR) technique used in conjunction with other CPR techniques, a variety of surface imperfections on concrete pavements can be corrected. Diamond grinding is a proven and cost-effective means to repair PCC pavement roughness by restoring vehicle ride quality, extending pavement life, and enhancing skid resistance while reducing tire/pavement noise.

Curb and Gutter Grinding Services

Grinding improves drainage by keeping the flow line consistent with its original design.

Grinding the face of the curb and the surface of the gutter reduces costs associated with snow plow strikes and resulting equipment damage where the gutter grade line has been disrupted due to heaving and settling, particularly at drainage structures.

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