Grinding & Grooving Services

 As subcontractors, we provide many diamond grinding and grooving services.  Using our high-quality team, we can provide you with the benefits of smooth riding surfaces, more fuel-efficient roads, quieter roads, better hydroplane–resistance, less costly plus long-lasting repairs, and more!

Our Specialty

We offer the industry’s only 6’ wide diamond grinding platform; these machines increase productivity by 50% while performing two (2) passes vs three (3) passes from our competitors. We help you get the job done saving you MOT costs. 

Whether it is concrete or asphalt, we have you covered! Our services can bring the benefits of a smoother, quieter, more fuel-efficient, more skid-resistant, and long-lasting road.  

We provide excellent subcontractor service using our diamond saw blades to improve your roads.  Drive on superior surfaces using Groovers!

We Have What You Need

Conventional Diamond grinding (CDG)

Next Generation Concrete Surfaces (NGCS)

Concrete Pavement Restoration (CPR)

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